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XmastreeA couple of years ago our boys decided that they didn’t like the idea of killing off a living plant at Christmas, and Beautiful Wife was heard to promise “Daddy can make us our own tree instead” causing much frantic cutting of cardboard and applying of hot glue late into the night. This was meant to be a temporary solution, but the boys liked it so it seems to have become a permanent fixture as these things do.

The picture is a bit rough around the edges, but then so is the tree. Every year I look at ‘my’ tree and decide I really need to make a new version, and of course, every year I promptly forget about it.

Never mind.

This seems a good opportunity to say thank you for reading the blog this year, and for the comments and support you’ve sent online or by email. From all of us over here in Germany, have a Good, peaceful, happy Christmas and new year.

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