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Posts are a Industrial revolution thumbbit thin on the ground at the moment because I’m working on my current storytelling project, “The (nearly) complete history of the Industrial Revolution”. I’ve decided which stories will be included, and which stories won’t: some are funny, some quite incredible (The incident with the engineer and the alligator comes to mind) and some are simply tragic reminders that the changes were not welcomed by everyone.

All these stories now have to be packaged together, told, retold, and timed so I don’t go over the promised 90 minutes. I won’t have time to explain the changes to the banking system or the repeal of the Calico Act, which I suspect will be a relief to all. Audiences come to hear about jealousy, love, exploding steam engines and people being fed to alligators, not long rambling essays and dates.

Unfortunately people who write history books don’t seem to think this way, so I’ve been digging through acres of paper. I think the current ratio is about fifteen chapters about banking for one alligator…

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