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So, here’s a couple more pictures of the stage I helped to build last week.

This is what happens when you ask artists to make a stage: they get all excited about making a piece of sculpture, beautiful on its own without a performance happening on it. Of course in practice that meant every upright was a different size.


A Proper Carpenter would have spent a day working out the radius of all the curves and then the exact sizes of the uprights to fit. We bent the curvy bits until they looked about right and measured from there to the ground and cut the wood to suit. It turns out that this works just as well, although we did have to stamp on some plywood sheets until they stayed put, and screw them down quickly before they sprung up again.


This was a joint project between artists from here and from our partner town in the Ukraine, so everything had to be discussed and translated in both languages, which didn’t speed things up,


However, stage was ready for the big festival on Sunday, and as far as I know it hasn’t fallen down yet.

As an added plus, I can now ask for several tools in Ukrainian, and you never know whan that may come in handy.

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