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I’m getting behind on the gift making project; I’ve missed at least two birthdays and am trying to catch up this week. It turns out that making presents is often a lot more time consuming than buying them.

Being a smug, tree-hugging hippy can be harder than people think.

On the other hand, I am getting faster at making things like this. My first spoon took several days, then the next took two mornings, and this one took a couple of hours, most of which was figuring out how to clamp an ever decreasing amount of wood so I could get at it with a chisel.

Anyway, it is now oiled and drying, so I can get on with the next present.

Remind me how living simply and making stuff is supposed to be a more relaxed way to live?

I’ve noticed that when you are a carpenter, people expect you can do all kinds of things. Like run a spoon carving workshop at the farm. I’d never carved a spoon in my life, but a few YouTube videos later I cut out a piece of pine and made a demonstration model:


It’s okay. If you squint a bit. In a dark room.

Before someone else points it out, pine isn’t a great material for spoons, but we didn’t have any green wood so it was that or nothing.

The week after the workshop we were cutting down some trees on the farm. (I really should check these things before setting the dates of workshops…) and I was allowed first dibs on any nice looking green wood, so I took a piece of ash and made Spoon 2.1:

It was meant to be half a set of small salad servers, but it seems a bit more like a wooden fish, and oiling it brought up all kinds of scuff marks and dings.

Rather than try and make a partner for it, I found a piece of silver birch and made spoon 3,1:


A couple more attempts and I think I’ll be ready to make some as presents…

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