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Posts are a Industrial revolution thumbbit thin on the ground at the moment because I’m working on my current storytelling project, “The (nearly) complete history of the Industrial Revolution”. I’ve decided which stories will be included, and which stories won’t: some are funny, some quite incredible (The incident with the engineer and the alligator comes to mind) and some are simply tragic reminders that the changes were not welcomed by everyone.

All these stories now have to be packaged together, told, retold, and timed so I don’t go over the promised 90 minutes. I won’t have time to explain the changes to the banking system or the repeal of the Calico Act, which I suspect will be a relief to all. Audiences come to hear about jealousy, love, exploding steam engines and people being fed to alligators, not long rambling essays and dates.

Unfortunately people who write history books don’t seem to think this way, so I’ve been digging through acres of paper. I think the current ratio is about fifteen chapters about banking for one alligator…

So, yes, I’ve been a bit quiet again. This is because filling in forms and sending multiple job applications makes for boring blog entries. You all know what it is like and don’t need me to remind you.

It doesn’t help that I’ve been diagnosed with Asthma which means I probably can’t work in a normal carpenters workshop, so the Job Centre is checking this with the doctor to see if I’m officially not able to be a carpenter, and therefore need retraining, and as with most government offices, this is taking a while.

So after being sensible for the last few years I decided to use the time to do something ‘silly’, or to put it another way, something I really wanted to do but was always told was silly.

I decided to try being an oral storyteller.

After much encouragement from an established English speaking storyteller in Germany, I put a show together, called it “A great British Evening” and made some posters.


And people turned up.

Even better, they didn’t run away during the interval and made positive comments. Some of the students even came twice. We also had a healthy amount in the tips jar, which is encouraging as people tend to be honest with their wallet and pay what they think their evening was worth. Now I’ve got a list of subscribers, a website, and I’m planning the next evening. “A Great British Evening” was a mix of history and stories from different people groups in Britain from the Romans through to the beginning of the modern age, so maybe I could do “Another Great British Evening” about the industrial revolution.

I’ve got several other leads I’m following up as well…

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