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Carving_04It is hotter here than in Japan where my Beautiful Wife and family are, so hot in fact that I wore shorts yesterday. Conscious of my responsibilities to society I refrained from anything shorter than 3/4 length.

Meanwhile, I’m getting lessons in woodcarving. When I helped build a stage a couple of weeks ago, we agreed that in lieu of payment* I’d get some training in woodcarving  from one of the artists on the project.

She started this week by  saying “Okay, the first thing you need to learn: all those things you were told you can’t do as a carpenter? Do them…” Then she gave me a lump of Lime wood and told me to ‘play’: try things out, learn different methods and use as many different chisels as I could. I made a couple of hollows inside the wood, then and then carved this in the bark on the other side.

When my artist friend got over the shock she suggested a totem pole, but instead we decided a bowl made from pear wood would be less disturbing.

In other news, I’ve discovered the bottom of the wash basket.

*Because I’m technically ‘unemployed’. (Ha.) I can’t be paid in money. I would explain the system but you’d think I was making it up, and if you believed me you’d end up slamming your head in a door…

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