Waiting at a crossing on the way back from work. Weather decidedly sludgy; so much for this being the “German Tuscany”…

I”m back in the small shop this week, as they are short staffed and I need to get trained up so I can cover for holidays and other things. This is fine but doesn’t offer the same variety of photo opportunities that training and woodwork do, so posting is likely to slow down a bit. We shall see.

Beautiful Wife got me a mug a while back. This is my job description, pretty much.

We may be 400m (ca. 1300ft) above sea level, but on this massive flood plain you are never far from water, and Autumn brings fog in large quantities. Also it’s not some namby-pamby fog that turns up in the morning and wanders off when the sun comes out; this was the view all day for two days.

Approximately halfway back from work, crossing the river Elz; extravagantly lit building in the background is the former brewery. With unusually good timing a train went past as I took the picture.

Light on top of the hill is a the Michaelskapelle or Church of St Michael, which has apparently been there since 969. It is on top of a hill in the middle of the Rhine plain so it probably has a very good view, and at some point I’ll get myself into gear to actually go and look.

Church of St. Peter, Endingen.

I wasn’t actually looking for tourist sights, rather trying to find a road through the town with minimal cobbles…

I’m being sent to several different departments at work, so my commute has changed a bit. It may look pretty but those cobbles and high pressure tyres are an uncomfortable combination.

Incidentally, I’ve been asked in the comments why my photos are all of apparently deserted landscapes and villages; this is because Germany has very strict privacy laws which effectively give individuals copyright over their face. This is also why you’ll not find any CCTV cameras in the picture above.

View out of the front door.

This time of year can lead to wardrobe malfunctions and much indecision as I try and calculate how many layers I’ll need after the first five minutes of riding.

I was asked to make some labels for the spatulas before they were put on display in the shops. “Perspektiven für Migranten” translates roughly as “Opportunities for Migrants” although the acronym does ironically cause some humour for English speakers.

Family work bike on the train last week. It’s always good to see I’m not the only one using pedal power.

Or for that matter, the only one using the train to avoid weather..

I had to make a diversion on the way back from work yesterday.

It’s a hard life.

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