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It’s getting misty in the mornings. Also, it’s getting cold.

It’s the awkward time of year when mornings are cold but afternoons can feel like summer, hence the extra pannier to carry the thick winter coat your correspondent is wearing at the time of this picture but will need to remove fairly soon after arrival.

Cycle commuting can be a minor logistical exercise sometimes…

The commuter bike, aka “old Faithful”; a rock solid no frills 90’s mountain bike that was my main transport into college for a couple of years, where its main function was to be suitably old and unattractive that it would be safe to lock to a railing all day in a suburb of Stuttgart. Now the “reserve” bike for winter or if my regular bike has a mechanical issue.

I realised this weekend that it hasn’t moved in months and the tyres were low. Fortunately for cheapskates like me the local bike shop has a free pump by the front door, so a quick ride across the village solved that problem.

It’s that time of year again: time to stock up on firewood for the wood stove…

Approaching work on the morning commute

It could be worse…

It’s vine harvesting time in our region, so collections of large bins like this are appearing alongside the road where it runs closely to the vineyards. Suddenly the villages have sprouted tractors ferrying these around which is bringing some variety to commuting.

My hideously creative and skilled colleague ‘G’, decided to make some spatulas with our clients which will be sold on the stand I made earlier this week. He’s been steaming them over a pot on the stove all week and bending them into shape.

Last leg of the journey from Stuttgart; kilometre marker 14.5 marks exactly three kilometres (just under two miles) to the edge of my village.

Aluminium pipes on the luggage rack are part of a home made wind chime bing transported to my apartment and not, as Beautiful Wife suggested, an attempt at low budget rocket boosters inspired by watching too many old A-Team videos.

Last weeks project was a set of small display stands for the organisations shops. Our leisurely “let’s try something out and see if it works” approach was suddenly put into higher gear when it was announced there will be a film crew visiting in the next few days. and the boss wanted to have these on the shop counters.

Stuttgart station rebuilding continues: the entrance moves every couple of weeks.

Touring bike in front of the large curtain currently sealing off about three quarters of the entrance hall.

Tinybug engaged in one of her favourite activities. A family tradition has developed where we cycle to the next village, play on the swing for anything up to a solid half hour and then cycle back.

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